Our Awesome Clients

What can you expect when working with Passion Squared? Just ask our awesome friends + clients! They are the heartbeat of our world. #clientlovesquared

  • Empire Building 101:
 #1. Believe in yourself 
 #2. Call Nina Kovner 
#3.Take over the world. You're the greatest.
Thank You!
    Sarah Olexa-One Chair Hair
, Kentucky
  • Nina’s courage to be so open and vulnerable makes her a powerful role model for the masses. I am a huge fan of both the public and the private personas of Nina Kovner.
    Winn Claybaugh-Dean & Cofounder of Paul Mitchell Schools, Author of BE NICE (OR ELSE!)
  • I feel like I have a distant little cheerleader who is there when I need her. And I feel all the resources you provide via personal meetings, calls, emails or your own info on your own sites, I will always have to reference and use. Simply Priceless!
    Domenica Lewis-I Dig Your Hair, 
Milpitas, California
  • I refer to Nina as my “Digital Marketing Czar” and to our weekly call as my “Marketing Therapy”.   Whether you need a plan for action or simply an attitude adjustment, Nina will deliver! Love you lady.
    Rachel Jud-Director of Marketing, Cosmoprof
  • Nina’s passion for all that she does elicits great responses within you to practice what she coaches to get it just right. With Passion Squared you will be hitting home runs.
    Chantal Clermont-Co-Owner Gym Star Brand
, Canada
  • The marketers marketer, the holder of the secret decoder ring to the hairdresser DNA and the authentic expert voice of beauty on the social web, Nina Kovner is one of pro beauty’s most AWESOME assets.  :-)
    Gordon Miller-Publisher, American Salon Magazine
  • You might think I’m biased, but Nina is one of the industries best. If that’s what you want for your business, then Nina’s the one you want to work with.
    Lisa Kovner-Founder, Kovner + Company, 
Los Angeles
  • Nina came into our business and literally helped transform it with her branding, conscious business development and social media genius. Nina is an extraordinary heart centered business leader who “gets it”.
    Nigel Sampson-Owner, Whole Body Method Pilates, Fitness + Wellness, 
Los Angeles
  • Nina is a valued industry colleague. She readily shares her expertise and her unique perspective. I truly appreciate her commitment to collaboration, to education and to the advancement of the professional beauty industry.
    Kelley McCarthy-Manager of Online Education & BeautyU Host, Professional Beauty Association
, Scottsdale
  • Wow, did we need a breath of fresh air for a project that seemed to be going nowhere. Then we discovered Passion Squared!  We desperately needed someone from the outside, a partner, a companion to walk us through a process with a focused perspective.
    Kristen & Rick Maze-Kristin Maze Salon, 
  • I absolutely loved the Creating Awesome Workshop and the fact that we walked away with the tools necessary to stay on track.  You do a wonderful job keeping it interesting and informative but still do-able for everyone. Thank you for always keeping me motivated and inspired!
    Jacqueline Scordato-J. Scordato Salon
, Tucson
  • The Creating Awesome Workshop really helped me tie things together instead of feeling pulled in separate directions with my branding and marketing. Thank you Nina! I feel I am in love all over again.
    Rowena Yeager-Owner, Studio Wish Salon
, Ohio
  • “I was originally drawn to Nina Kovner of Passion Squared through following the positive inspiration she shares on Instagram and Facebook. It's that inspiration along with divine guidance that led me to choose Passion Squared when rebranding my business. Nina was able to create awesome, motivational and accurate branding suggestions that were spot-on within just one hour.”
    Christina Threlkeld-Compassionate Healing Skincare Specialist