An Awesome A Day Text Coaching

$10.00 / month

Where intention goes, energy flows… Let me help you set your daily intentions.

With Awesome A Day, you will wake up every morning with a message of empowerment and love to help you create the awesome biz + life of your dreams.

You see, most of the challenges we face each day have to do with our mindset. And I get it, life (and biz) can be tough AF. That’s where Awesome A Day comes in.

Crafted personally by Nina L. Kovner, delivered straight to your phone, via text, 7 days a week.

Awesome A Day is also great for your team!  A happy team makes for happy clients. And happy clients make a happy business. The more you team members you sign up, the more you save.
1 human $10/month 
2-10 humans $8/month ea.
11+ humans $6/month ea.

If you are signing up more than one person, upon check out you will be asked for each team members Name and Cell number. Please be sure to fill this out completely so we can ensure your team receives their morning messages.

Available for US and Canada cell phone numbers only at this time.

When you sign up for An Awesome A Day, please allow 48 hours for your text messages to begin. You can cancel at anytime. But we doubt you will want to!


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