the boundaries business brand course


You Deserve To Feel More Joy and Less Angst While Creating and Building Your Awesome Biz, Brand + Life

Why It Matters
Creating, building and growing a healthy business and brand is as much understanding yourself as it is all the other biz, brand things.

It is no secret that many of us creatives struggle with boundaries, like, for REALS! And because of this, you spend so much time spinning, feeling anxious, confused, frustrated instead of using that time to create, rest, play and feel more at ease with your business and life.

Whether it is having pricing discussions, cancellation policies, deciding on who to hire, writing an employee handbook, navigating mean folks on social media, taking social breaks, which brands to align with, ALL THE THINGS, healthy boundaries play a BIG role in all of this. You deserve more joy and less angst. FACTS!

What You Will Learn
In this course we will walk through the relationship between your personal and professional boundaries and growing your business and brand.

♥Why Boundaries Are Essential
♥What Healthy Boundaries Look + Feel Like
♥Where Boundaries Fit Into Your Business + Brand
♥How To Make More Aligned Decisions
♥How To Craft Healthy Conversation Frameworks
♥The Most Common Boundary Failures and How To Flip The Script

The intention of this course is to help you recognize your own boundary issues and how you can begin to practice and build more healthy boundaries to help grow your biz, brand + life more authentically and feel more joy in your journey.

Each attendee will receive My AwesomeAF Boundary Book, a $25 value + lifetime access to the course materials + recording.

Get ready, we are going in DEEP!

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Who Is This Course For
Creative small biz owners
Brand creators
Salon Owners
Lash Artists
Skin Therapists
Nail Techs
Tattoo Artists
Fitness Trainers
All the creative folks to the front! 


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The fine print

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