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Everything. Awesome creative small business owners are created from the inside out and we work to empower your life and business with a focus on online + offline marketing, strategy and brand development with a heavy dose of personal development awesome dust sprinkled onto every thing we do.

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 Rise + shine. I'm not for everyone and neither are you. One of the most fundamental basics of marketing is knowing your audience. Your tribe. Your client. Even toilet paper brands have to decide who they are marketing for. Knowing you are not for everyone allows you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are for, and crafting all that you do just for them. Think of it as the difference between decaf + caff. You can have a watered down, bland and uninspired message or a powerful, fully charged, passionate + inspiring one. And we all know which one is more awesome. Find your tribe, learn everything about them, listen to them, create value for them and love them hard.☕️❤️
 And does FitBit count that as exercise? I vote yes!🤔 #regram @fuckjerry
 Want more Passion Squared? One of my most loved experiences is An Awesome A Day, a daily dose of awesome for your heart + brain to begin your day with purpose. Each morning you receive an exclusive, hand crafted love note from me via text straight to your phone for only $10 a month. Begin your mornings with heart hugs + brain hugs, sign up today using the link in my profile. Do it. Your life will thank you.❤️
 #tbt to one of the most rad moments of #ISSELB with @american_salon @andrewdoeshair @sugarskulls @lo_wheelhouse @glamiris @gordnm @kelseyemurray @courtneyabright and a group of the most beautiful, passionate, smart + courageous + awesome humans on the planet. This moment will stay forever in my heart. Grateful AF. ❤️

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