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Everything. Awesome creative small business owners are created from the inside out and we work to empower your life and business with a focus on online + offline marketing, strategy and brand development with a heavy dose of personal development awesome dust sprinkled onto every thing we do.

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 Rise + shine. It's no secret if we really pay attention that many of the awesomeness creators in the world are passionately committed to consistency. Whether it be consistency of message, brand, story, image, experience, engagement, listening, leadership, culture, whatever. Simple concept. Not so simple in execution. It comes down to making a decision. Decide. Today. ☕️ #passionsquared
 It took me over 40 years to learn this difficult yet empowering AF lesson. My life's work, for as much time as I have here, will be to continue to share this message with the people I love. Please stop apologizing for creating space + caring for your self. Those are things to be celebrated, without apology. So much of our anxiety + angst comes from being so afraid of setting healthy boundaries, and accepting that we are simply "people pleasers", in biz + life. My loves, that is not an attribute. There is a big different between being of service + being present for others and people pleasing. Not the same thing. Not even close. Sweet dreams courageous + passionate humans, this may be the most important work you ever do. For reals. You got this. I got you.❤️ #regram @lamaisond
 Don't ever. Just stop it. Do you. Please. Promise? ❤️ #regram
 #tbt to last Saturday when the awesome + talented @fadedinc recreated the Passion Squared logo on the back of my head, with his masterful hands + heart + tools. I'm still in total awe. Thank you again Rory for creating this beautiful piece of art for me. Love you so much. Got me itchin for a permanent one.. Yes or no? ❤️ #passionsquared

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