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 "Head stuck in a cycle I look off and I stare." Million Reasons, Lady Gaga #JOANNE As some of you know, in 2007 I entered an in-patient treatment program not knowing what was wrong with me, only knowing that I could not continue living with the immense pain I felt, in fact, I was ready to give up. As a result of my 35 days of treatment, and the incredible doctors who looked after me, along with almost 10 years of outpatient treatment with the most awesome psychologist on the planet, I have been able to share my story about living with PTSD, Dissociative Disorder and Panic/Anxiety Disorder. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. And it needs to be talked about more. So many suffer in silence. And many don't make it. What everyone needs to understand is there is help available. And if you feel you may suffer from a mental illness, please reach out and get help. Our world needs you. And I've learned to understand our world needs me too, which is why I do my best to live, even on the days I don't want to. I continue to be in awe of Lady Gaga's courage, strength, beauty, leadership and authenticity. And by sharing her story, and stories like hers, we, together, can help lift the stigma of mental illness and get people the help they need. She is and will forever be my #WCW Please read Lady Gaga's personal letter. (Link in my profile) Grateful AF today that I got help. And grateful to my treatment team, my friends, and my family who stood by my side and continue to each day. You are not alone my loves. You are NOT alone. With love, always. ❤️ #ShareKindness : @ladygaga
 OMG @overheardla you complete me.  #regram
 Please focus on your own shit. Comparison is paralyzing + debilitating + most of all distracting AF. We all have a set amount of time and energy. Are we going to spend it comparing ourselves to others and wishing we were like them or staying focused on creating our own unique voice and brand? What is even worse is comparing our businesses to others we know nothing about. It's called context. A gift of seeing the whole picture, the whole story, not just the picture or story people want us to see. One of the most destructive things a business can do is copy a tactic without knowing the strategy behind the tactic. Context is key. And context comes from experience, wisdom, knowledge and seeing the whole picture. It's like asking for a color formula without knowing the placement, starting level, timing, application or fabric. Do you. Focus. Focus. Stay in your lane. Stay consistent. Get help. Then create your own kind of awesome. If you are an owner, my A School program may be an awesome fit for you to help you create your own kind of awesome. If you want to get on the early notification list for when we open A School again, email awesome@passionsquared.net or click on the contact button in our profile. ☕️ #passionsquared
 Feed wisdom... sweet dreams courageous + passionate humans. You got this, and I got you. Always. ❤️ #passionsquared

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