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 #fbf Take me back to this inanely awesome experience with these beautiful + passionate humans. ❤️credit: @courtneyabright @american_salon #LBPidealogue #passionsquared
 I've been up since 3:30 AM so I thought this would be a good reminder for all of us... Happy Friday loves... Please find YOUR rhythm. As a Libra I spent years seeking "balance", I mean, we are the scales after all. However, as I have traveled this journey, balance seemed to be always out of reach. Which in turn made me think something was wrong, with me! As I have grown, I had a breakthrough. Fuck balance. I want to find my rhythm. And mine is mine, and yours is yours. For me, waking up before the sun works, for you, it may be that you seek solace in late nights. For me, working 12 hour days, then 5 hour days, then no hour days works, for you it may be consistent 8 hour days or 7 days a week. For me, it may be waking up slowly and savoring my time, for you it may be getting a few extra zzz's and bolting out the door. For you it may be frequent travel, for me it may be staying close to home. You see, when we become more self aware, in biz + in life, when we listen to our bodies and just as important, our hearts, we begin to find our own rhythm. One that serves us well so we can in turn serve others. Fully present. Fully awake. Fully grounded. Fuck balance. Find YOUR rhythm. ☕️♎️❤️#passionsquared
 Faith, focus and a lotta WTF's... 🤔🤗 #regram
 #tbt to the Oribe photo booth at #LBPidealogue with my #mce There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the mad love + respect I have for @gordnm so today I will just call him awesome AF! 🤓❤️

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