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Everything. Awesome creative small business owners are created from the inside out and we work to empower your life and business with a focus on online + offline marketing, strategy and brand development with a heavy dose of personal development awesome dust sprinkled onto every thing we do.

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 Rise + shine. Please. We are responsible for the energy we bring into the room, both online and off. As leaders + healers, which we all are, we have a responsibility to show up with clean energy. How you keep your energy clean is a personal choice and process. I will never tell you how your process should be, only why it's so damn important. Clients come to us to feel awesome, followers follow us because they value our presence and want a deeper connection. Energy matters. Vibe matters. So much so it can be the difference between an awesome business + a not so awesome business. Yes we have shitty days, and yes there is drama in life, but the only person we have control over is ourselves. Instead of pointing the finger, look in the mirror. It hurts. The truth most times does. Bring your best. Learn what works for you. Slow down. Clean your energy. And remember, your vibe attracts your tribe. Not thrilled with your tribe? Look within. Please. Thank you. ❤️
 Authentic connection ego shattering wisdom... Love this so hard. Sweet dreams. ❤️ #regram
 We find time for the stuff that matters... to us. #regram from @iheartkquotes
 My little pony... Gidget. She was rad. On show days, we wore braids. ❤️ #tbt #twinning

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