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 This is where my Aunt Beth + Uncle John get their haircut. I was so hoping to meet the two rad stylists who own this salon in Phenix Virginia (population 200) but never got to. My Aunt tells me they are awesome and she loves her experience at the Cuttin' Post. Well done ladies, I will for sure be dropping in on my next visit off the grid. ♥️
 Last day off the grid... No cell service, limited WIFI, no Starbucks, no Uber, no food delivery, no valet, no sirens but an enormous amount of beauty + love + cows + butterflies + bugs + churches + volunteer fire departments + flags + $2.25 gas prices + sadly quite a bit of severe poverty + many people in need of support. Grateful to be present + grounded enough to soak in every second of this experience + even more grateful to have such a rad family. Tomorrow I will be back in "reality", which of course got me thinking... What is reality? I believe we create our own reality + can choose to be present, grounded + at peace wherever we are. It all comes back to choice. And I made the choice to take a long uninterrupted break to soak up the love of my East Coast family which shows me I have grown. There is a time I would have had a melt down not having cell service. Not today, today I simply feel grateful for growth + my sense of compassion, and even more grateful for no cell service + of course my awesome family.♥️
 There is no place I would rather be at this very second than with my awesome Grandma. She has been and will always be one of the most kind, fun, rebellious, animal loving, accepting, supportive, loving, compassionate + rad humans on the planet. She taught me how to drive long before I was of age on the dirt roads of southern Virginia, helped me through my first hangover long before I was of age (not her fault that I had a hangover btw), taught me how to pick crabs (it's an east coast thing), and was one of my biggest cheerleaders when I chose to go to beauty school. Last night, after I surprised her with my visit (yes, there were tears) we sat on the back deck of my Aunt Leighs house and talked for hours. She is in early stages of dementia yet last night you would not have known. It's moments like this that really matter. That fill my heart. Moments that I will forever cherish. Grateful today for my awesome Grandma.♥️
 Took a quick vacation break to connect with these two beautiful + passionate + awesome + talented humans @xostylistxo + @glamiris Love love love these two so very much. If you are not following their awesomeness I highly recommend you do. And watch + listen + learn. ♥️♥️♥️

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