My AwesomeAF Healthy Boundary Handbook


In celebration of the New Year, we’ve updated and upgraded this awesome tool for you, originally created in 2019.

Walking on eggshells, feeling resentful, passive-aggressiveness, over-explaining, justifying, feeling like YOU are the only person who can get the job done and that everyone else just doesn’t care.

You avoid tough conversations and situations out of fear; of rejection, being disliked or unlovable.

If this resonates, I created this handbook for you.

My intention in sharing this work with you;
I see you struggle.
Whether it’s handling a no show, pricing negotiation, charging your worth, saying no, a tough discussion with a team member or leader,  it doesn’t have to be such a fucking struggle. Healthy boundaries are usually what’s missing in these situations.

I want you to feel more joy.
Life is so very short. The sooner you begin to practice healthy boundaries, the more joy you will feel. Period. And you deserve to feel some fucking joy.

Real empowerment is freedom.
Freedom from fear, the struggle, the anxiety, the angst, the sleepless nights, the pain, sadness, suffering + freedom from knowing you have NO control over others. Healthy boundaries empower you to get back in the driver’s seat of your biz , brand + life.

In this handbook you will learn:
About codependency and boundaries and the impact, they have on your biz, brand, and life
What healthy boundaries look and feel like and how to begin moving towards more healthy outcomes

In this handbook you will get:
Conversation scripts for actual biz + life situations
Framework for practicing healthy boundaries
Framework for healthy boundaries on social media
Resources to help you continue your healthy boundary journey

Included in your investment:
My AwesomeAF Healthy Boundary Handbook
My AwesomeAF Healthy Boundary Conversation Cards
My AwesomeAF Healthy Boundary Wallpaper

Handbook Length: 77 pages
Conversation Cards: 41 pages
Wallpaper: 6 graphics 

Format: digital PDF optimized for mobile + tablet
You can save both the Handbook + Conversation Cards to your Apple Books, Kindle or almost any e-reader for quick access when you really need it!

Delivery: When you purchase this book, you will receive an order notification with a link to download the handbook, conversation cards, and wallpaper.  If you do not see your order notification, please check your spam/junk/promotions folder. If you still cannot find them, please email us at

Volume Purchases: If you would like to purchase lots for your friends, family, team, or community, please email us at and we can provide special pricing for purchases over 10.

Creating this for you is a culmination of over a decade of inside work with professional therapists and codependency experts along with decades of leading and coaching people. We ask that you please DO NOT steal, copy or distribute this book. Thank you for respecting our boundaries and our creative small business.