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With over 30 years of experience working in and with salons on brand development, marketing, storytelling, and leadership in the professional beauty industry along with the last 12 years empowering salon professionals and creatives at Passion Squared, we get you because we are you. At Passion Squared we work from the inside out, meaning, we care deeply about your well-being as a human as we work on your business and brand. My personal experience shows that when your insides are suffering, your outsides will suffer too. We work on both. It’s not easy work. It’s worth it work. This is what we do. You are why we do it. In service to you, with gratitude and love- Nina Lead Educator and Context Creator, Passion Squared

Nina and A School provide a soft place to land when going through the "tight rope" of salon leadership. I bring all my challenges, and triumphs to them. I find support, advice, compassion and humor in this group. Nina provides tools and workshops for every challenge I encounter. My A School membership is been the biggest bang for my buck as far as all my business expenditures. Invaluable. -Kristen P

There is only one place that I trust my brand, business and team with and that's Passion Squared. -Danielle G

Nina came into our business and literally helped transform it with her branding, conscious business development and social media genius. Nina is an extraordinary heart centered business leader who “gets it”. -Nigel S

Over the years of being a salon owner my biggest wisdom has always been “What would Nina do? -Shelby N

I was originally drawn to Nina Kovner of Passion Squared through following the positive inspiration she shares on Instagram and Facebook. It's that inspiration along with divine guidance that led me to choose Passion Squared when rebranding my business. Nina was able to create awesome, motivational and accurate branding suggestions that were spot-on within just one hour. -Christina T

I absolutely loved the Creating Your Awesome Brand Workshop and the fact that we walked away with the tools necessary to stay on track. You do a wonderful job keeping it interesting and informative but still do-able for everyone. Thank you for always keeping me motivated and inspired! -Jacqueline S

The community that Nina has created at A School has gotten me through a pandemic, major life events, and day to day dealings in the salon. I am forever grateful. -Andi D

Wow, did we need a breath of fresh air for a project that seemed to be going nowhere. Then we discovered Passion Squared! We desperately needed someone from the outside, a partner, a companion to walk us through a process with a focused perspective. -Kristen M

The marketers marketer, the holder of the secret decoder ring to the hairdresser DNA and the authentic expert voice of beauty on the social web, Nina Kovner is one of pro beauty’s most AWESOME assets. -Gordon M

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