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Everything. Awesome creative small biz owners like you are created from the inside out. We work to help empower your life and business with a focus on online + offline marketing, strategy and brand development with a heavy dose of personal development awesome dust sprinkled onto every thing we do. -Nina L. Kovner, Chief Awesomeness Empowerer, Passion Squared

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 Online + off, in business and in life. I know it's so easy to focus our attention on the small percentage of haters, problem clients or team members, but loves, this is so fucking important to remember. Where is your energy and focus being placed? On the 99% that show up + support your vision or the 1% who aren't. I see this every day. One no show or one repeat offender and we become reactive and cray. Be mindful of where that energy is being placed. Remember, where intention goes energy flows. As my therapist so lovingly reminds me from time to time, bring your "functional adult" to the problem, conversation and situation, not your "hurt child". So much of the drama that's created on the daily is caused by showing up in your "hurt child" mode. Mindfulness and self awareness is the first step. Emotional growth and development is hard AF. Do the inside work my loves, and you will be amazed what happens on the outside. Happy Friday! You got this. And I got you. ☕️🤗❤️
 It flowed not motivated by fear but by love. Deep AF. Sweet dreams courageous humans. You got this. Promise.❤️
 New braids, who dis? A big shout out of love to my beautiful + talented AF boo @tashancounts for always braiding me up + making my heart smile. Love you girl, thank you for putting up with my cray. ❤️
 In this extremely noisy world, filled with options, "me too" products and services and so much fluff + inauthentic marketing speak, it's more important than ever to stand for something and weave that "something" into your storytelling + experience, online + off. Does your story and experience inspire me to swipe left or swipe right? Passion Squared stands for the empowerment of creative small businesses and the awesome humans who create + lead them. We stand for love of all beings including self. We stand for equality. We approach all that we do with empathy + compassion. And we stand for a shit ton of truth, delivered with love. What does your brand stand for? It matters. And so do you.☕️️‍❤️

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