What's Love Got To Do With It?

Everything. Awesome creative small biz owners like you are created from the inside out. We work to help empower your life and business with a focus on online + offline marketing, strategy and brand development with a heavy dose of personal development awesome dust sprinkled onto every thing we do. -Nina L. Kovner, Chief Awesomeness Empowerer, Passion Squared

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 Same. Sweet dreams loves. rp @iam.loveandlight
 Flashback AF. Baby Sheryl @fringe.hair.art Baby Sam @samburnsbiz + Baby Nina in 1990ish, long before the gram. We’ve been at this shit a while. Grateful AF for every moment + memory with you two. Thanks for the pic Sam! 🤩
 Today’s #gratefulAF challenge is to thank a teacher. I’ve had some pretty selfless, loving, smart and awesome teachers along the way that helped shape me early in my career and provided opportunities that changed my life and provided conditions in which I could learn. Tonight, I would like to give a shit ton of thanks + gratitude to my beauty school director + teacher Robin Davey, my first salon boss + bestie Ric Wagstaff, to my first biz job boss Steve Katz, and to my Aunt Leigh + Uncle John for committing their lives to being awesome teachers. Never forget the teachers who made a difference in your world. They are a treasure to us all. Sweet dreams. ❤️🤩 Nina @passionsquared #passionsquared
 Loves, please join me in welcoming the newest member of Team Awesome at Passion Squared @laurenenriquezz Lauren is a beauty school grad, a current student at UCLA studying Marketing + Social Media, a content creator, storyteller, photographer and now will be doing all that at Passion Squared along with being my "Instagram Husband" We are thrilled to welcome the awesome, passionate + talented Lauren “Lo” Enriquez to our tribe. Grateful AF for you boo. ☕️🤩❤️

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