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Everything. Awesome creative small biz owners like you are created from the inside out. We work to help empower your life and business with a focus on online + offline marketing, strategy and brand development with a heavy dose of personal development awesome dust sprinkled onto every thing we do. -Nina L. Kovner, Chief Awesomeness Empowerer, Passion Squared

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 ❤️ rp @thrive
 You don’t “boss” people, you serve + empower them. That is leadership. And it’s a role that requires selfless acts of courage, empathy and compassion. I honor and celebrate all the awesome leaders in our world who have made it their life’s work to build, empower, inspire and grow people. You brighten our days and make the world a better place. Thank you.☕️❤️
 Being positive + kind doesn’t mean you must allow people to take advantage of your generous spirit. Healthy boundaries are your friend. But it takes a shit ton of self love + courage to practice them. Remember that loves.❤️ rp @unperfectk
 This is a tough one loves... cause it means we have to take responsibility for our own energy  The blame game at times seems so much easier, but it keeps us stuck in the problem and distracted from the solution. Your energy + intentions hold incredible power, and when you stay awake and present, you can recognize where they are placed. When you create a circle of chaos around you, it’s hard to see much of anything. I know it feels safer there, but it’s not where awesome lives. Slow down, wake up, and show up. You will be fucking amazed at what can happen when you do. Sweet dreams. With Love, always-Nina ❤️ rp @bowandarrow.collective

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