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 And even start over... this really speaks to my heart tonight. If you would have told me I would leave my career at the "top of my game" and start from scratch at 45 I would have said you are fucking crazy. But it's true. We all have a choice + an opportunity to succeed, however we choose to define success. And today, more than ever, with the power of the social + digital web, opportunities and access have been given to us like we've never seen before. It's never too late loves. Ever. Promise. But it will take a shit ton of courage + faith. That is guaranteed. Sweet dreams. You got this.❤️🤗 rp: @jenatkinhair
 Sad but true. The head shot in this post is fake... like in highly filtered, posed and not what I look like on the daily. Most of what we see on social platforms is highly contrived, edited and does not really tell the whole story. Why? Fear. A twisted belief that people want to see "perfect" over real. Fear that we won't be liked, seen or heard. Fear that if we are honest people won't like us. Or we won't sell stuff. There is a big different between quality content and fake AF content. Quality matters. Creating value matters. But pretending to be something we are not misses the entire point of social media. It's a human to human thing. It's about relationships, not a fucking popularity contest. This is what I believe. And if this resonates with you, I would be honored to be your coach. My promise is to keep it real, pull back the curtain and focus on what really matters... how you can create your own kind of awesome. To all you rad humans keeping it real AF, I honor your integrity and strength today. Thank you for being such awesome models for your communities. I love you. Now go have a kick ass day. ☕️🤗❤️
 Who's coming with me?  In all seriousness, shit feels so heavy right now with all the hate that is happening in our country. So here's a little reminder for those feeling like they want to crawl under a fucking rock + run off to Narnia... we can't. We must use our voices + platforms for good. For love. For equality. For hope. For compassion. For healing. For empowerment. For listening. For leadership. For those who don't have a voice or are in fear of using them. Be the change type shit. We got this loves, promise.
 Good morning loves... let's talk problems. Awesome marketers understand the problems of their "people" and create solutions to make their audiences lives more awesome. This is done both online and off. Social media is the perfect platform to listen, identity problems and then create content and story tell with the solutions you come up with. This is how you add value, and if your content resonates with your target audience you build relationships which can turn into referrals. And those referrals can turn into revenue. And if you deliver an awesome experience consistently, you will retain those referrals which in turn can build a solid, loyal and awesome clientele. So, what's your biggest marketing problem? I'm listening.☕️🤷‍♀️❤️

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