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Everything. Awesome creative small biz owners like you are created from the inside out. We work to help empower your life and business with a focus on online + offline marketing, strategy and brand development with a heavy dose of personal development awesome dust sprinkled onto every thing we do. -Nina L. Kovner, Chief Awesomeness Empowerer, Passion Squared

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 Rise + shine + sound on + swipe left  to learn WHY I created A School + why it may be a tribe you want to join in 2018. If this speaks to your heart + gut + brain, click the link in our bio @passionsquared to get on the Early Notification List. The first email goes out tonight! ☕️ 🤩❤️ #passionsquared
 Deep. Sweet dreams beautiful humans. ‍♀️❤️ rp @daeizm
 And if so, why? What outcome were you seeking when you did it? Would you have made the same comment if you were face to face with that person? Remember loves, there are actual humans behind these screens. ☕️🤔🤬 With love- Nina @passionsquared
 I love you 2... the last words my Dad ever wrote to me before he left us unexpectedly. We were hanging out in the hospital playing games on my iPad and expecting him to be home by Christmas. That never happened. Six years ago this afternoon, we said our goodbyes and sent him to heaven. I learned so many lessons from my awesome, smart, compassionate Dad, and to this day, I’m still learning. But tonight, I want to share a few very important ones. In a flash, everything can change. We are never promised a tomorrow. Please, I beg you, live your life now. Follow your heart. Stay present for moments like this one, two people, playing on an iPad. You just never know if you will get another moment like that. Loves, I know we are all so “busy”, I was busy too once. Until I realized that I was missing moments that would never be available to me again. I’m so grateful that I had this moment with my Dad. Live life now loves. Stop waiting. Please live life now. I love you 2 Dad, infinity and beyond. Sweet dreams.

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