This is the stuff they didn't teach you in beauty school

It begins with the clarity of your salon brand story, which is the foundation you use to build trust with your clients, teams, or tenants, make more aligned decisions for your business, and connect all the dots.

In this Course, we promise you the clarity, context, courage, and confidence to simplify your decision-making process.

With that, you'll experience less confusion, overwhelm, and stress, and feel more joy, purpose, intention, and alignment as a human, stylist, business owner, educator, and leader.

This isn't the only business course you will ever need, however, it will make every course you take, both artistic and business, more actionable and relevant to your brand, visions, dreams, and desired outcomes. It's time to get yourself out of time-wasting and light-dimming comparison, confusion, and chaos and into more clarity, confidence, alignment and joy.

Your Course Experience

Module 1: Creating and Refining Your Salon Brand Story

Understanding the power of storytelling. Identifying your brand's core values, voice, and vision. Crafting an authentic and relatable brand story that resonates with the clients, teams, tenants, or students you wish to serve. AI and crafting your brand story

Module 2: Naming and Trademarking Your Salon Brand

Strategies for choosing a memorable and relevant brand name. Navigating the trademark process to protect your brand. Legal considerations and steps to avoid messy trademark infringement issues and unnecessary spending. AI and your brand name

Module 3: Creating and Refining Your Salon Brand Identity

Exploring the key elements of brand identity: logo, colors, fonts, and imagery. Aligning your brand identity with your brand story. Developing consistent visual branding across all touchpoints of your marketing and communications to create recognition & build trust. AI and your brand identity

Module 4: Pricing and Your Salon Services + Products

Understanding the psychology and fundamentals of pricing and its impact on perceived value. Developing a pricing strategy that reflects your brand positioning and the people you wish to serve. Designing services clients want that are in alignment with your brand. AI and your brand services

Module 5: Healthy Boundaries and Your Salon Brand

Recognizing the importance of healthy boundaries in maintaining brand integrity. Establishing frameworks for client, team, tenant, student interactions, and social media engagement. Dealing with challenging situations and maintaining alignment with your brand story, vision, values, and integrity.

Module 6: Creating Salon Business Agreements and Handbooks

Crafting clear and comprehensive business Agreements for clients, team members, tenants, or students. Developing a Team Handbook that is aligned with your brand and the outcomes you're seeking. Legal and ethical considerations when creating Agreements and handbooks. AI and your Agreements

Module 7: Your Salon Brand Marketing Offline

Exploring the Awesome Client Journey offline and how to create a consistent experience in alignment with your brand. Designing offline marketing systems and materials that align with your brand identity. Leveraging word-of-mouth and referrals to build your business. AI and your offline marketing

Module 8: Your Salon Brand Marketing Online

Understanding the Awesome Client Journey and how to create one in alignment with your brand to become more discoverable online to grow your business. Creating engaging and relevant content that's consistent with your brand and those you wish to serve. AI and your online marketing