Welcome To A School

A Safe and Soft Place To Land for Overwhelmed Salon Owners Seeking Clarity, Confidence, Courage and Community.

The Proven Salon Business Fundamentals Is What You'll Find Here

We don’t believe in trendy, get-rich-quick solutions. We're here to help you build a strong foundation, rooted in the fundamentals of brand building, leadership and personal empowerment, which result in your long term growth and happiness. A School is a safe, supportive space where you'll find guidance to grow, authentically, at your own pace.

Our Promise To You

Empower you to make aligned, intentional, purposeful decisions for your business, brand and life resulting in more time and energy to do the things that bring you joy, both inside and outside of the salon.

Why A School Was Born

After decades of working with folks like you, I've seen firsthand how easily you can get thrown off track, need a quick question answered, a step-by-step on how to create something, or simply need to vent in a safe space. The anxiety you carry, your struggles with healthy boundaries and making decisions that are aligned with your brand, vision and values. Listening to you and caring deeply about your wellness and happiness is why and how we created A School. We see you. We hear you. We understand you. You asked for more. More clarity, context, compassion, community, support, face time, and love. And that's why we're here. To hold your hand, have your back, and walk by your side so you never feel alone again on your salon ownership and leadership journey.

Are you ready for an awesome (and different!) salon business education experience?

You Can Sit With Us

Our approach to education and community may feel a little different than what you've seen

We don’t believe in one size fits all solutions outside of the salon business fundamentals. We help you find clarity around your brand story, which empowers you to create your own kind of awesome by making decisions that are most aligned with your salon brand. When context is lacking, education and learning are lacking too.

Are you ready for an awesome (and different!) salon business education experience?

You Can Sit With Us

About Our Members

One of the awesome things about our community is it is comprised of employment-based and lease-based salon owners, along with independent stylists and suite owners. Our members range from decades of salon ownership to brand-new owners which provides you a wide range of perspectives, context, compassion, understanding, and wisdom.

What Our Members Say About Their Experience In A School

There is only one place that I trust my brand, business and team with and that's Passion Squared.

Nina and A School provide a soft place to land when going through the "tight rope" of salon leadership. I bring all my challenges, and triumphs to them. I find support, advice, compassion and humor in this group. Nina provides tools and workshops for every challenge I encounter. My A School membership is been the biggest bang for my buck as far as all my business expenditures. Invaluable.

The community that Nina has created at A School has gotten me through a pandemic, major life events, and day to day dealings in the salon. I am forever grateful.

A safe place to land for salon owners like me.

I thought I needed to work on my biz then learned I needed to work on myself.

I came to learn more about my salon brand and have learned about leading, listening and loving on my team.

I'm never leaving. Ever. I have found my people.

Best thing I ever did is join this community!

Are you ready for an awesome (and different!) salon business education experience?

You Can Sit With Us