Love, Nina a book from Passion Squared


This little book of wisdom is comprised of two hundred and twenty-two of the thousands of daily messages I’ve written for our clients over the past decade.

Within these pages, you’ll find a sanctuary of insights, inspiration, and wisdom, guiding you through the twists and turns, joys and disappointments, smiles and tears.

Each one of these love notes is designed to remind you that amidst the storms of life and the challenges of running a business, there is always hope.

Let these words sink into your soul, help turn your fears into fuel, and illuminate your path and the paths of those you serve.

My intention in creating this book for you is to help you remember the awesome possibilities that still await you, even amidst your darkest of struggles.

When you need a little heart or brain hug come to these pages.

Included in your investment:
Love, Nina Digital Book pdf
Love, Nina Digital flipbook
Love, Nina message graphics

Love, Nina Digital Book: 231 pages
Love, Nina Digital flipbook: 231 pages
Love, Nina message graphics: 222 graphics

Format: digital PDF optimized for mobile + tablet
You can save Love, Nina to your Apple Books, Kindle, or almost any e-reader for quick access when you really need it!

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Creating this for you is a culmination of over a decade of writing daily love notes for the clients of Passion Squared. We ask that you please DO NOT steal, copy or distribute this book. Thank you for respecting our healthy boundaries and our creative small business.