Salon Marketing Class Series


2024 is going to be all about focus and getting back to the fundamentals of building and growing your awesome salon brand.

Why The Fundamentals?
The last few years have been wild, and when there is uncertainty, which there will be in 2024, people seek consistency and simplicity, which means your current and future salon clients are seeking that too. The fundamentals of building and growing your salon business are your foundation. They are simple solutions, that keep you focused and consistent, helping you build trust with your clients, and create new relationships with future clients. The salon marketing fundamentals are what you’ll find in this Salon Marketing Class Series.

In this Class Series, taught live in December 2023, you will learn:
– The fundamentals of aligning your salon’s social media content and captions with your salon brand to connect you with the clients, teams, or tenants (renters) you wish to serve and how to say goodbye to the comparison trap
– The fundamentals of how your salon can become more discoverable to clients, teams, or tenants (renters) online through search
– The fundamentals of creating more elevated and awesome experiences for your clients to build more trust, care, and value and your salon business
– How to use AI tools like ChatGPT to simplify your salon marketing and provide you with RELEVANT results that are aligned with your salon brand
– The fundamentals of brand storytelling and how it connects to all of your salon marketing, online and offline

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Your investment includes three 1 hour classes (taught live in December 2023), three downloadable Class Presentation PDFs including ChatGPT prompts, our Content Storyboard Template, Digital Marketing Checklist, and Awesome Client Journey Map.

The fine print
After you purchase the Salon Marketing Class Series, you will receive an order confirmation that has links to all three Class videos and Class Materials. Be sure to check your spam/junk/promotions folder for your order confirmation as many times, that’s where they end up, ugh. If you cannot find your order confirmation, please email us at

If you have any questions, we are ready to answer them. Simply email