#QandAwesome Episode 15 What Motivates + Inspires Me?

In this weeks episode of #QandAwesome I answer a question I believe we all need to answer from time to time. For me, motivation and inspiration come from the inside. It’s the only kind that lasts. Of course there is a ton of inspiration to be found all around us, but at the end of the day, each of us is different, and so only we can answer this very important question. Thanks so much for watching.

#QandAwesome Episode 14 How Do I Define Success?

In this episode, I answer a question I got asked this week on success. This one really hits home for me, as it took me over 40 years to find my answer. And my answer may or may not be the same as yours. And that my friends, is the breakthrough. Thanks so much for watching!

#QandAwesome Episode 13 How Do I Get Unstuck?

In this weeks episode I answer the question… How do I get unstuck? While we all get stuck and things go sideways in life, many times it’s because we are trying to be perfect. Stop it. Perfect is not real. And it can be deadly. Focus on being awesome instead. Thanks so much for watching! (Background music towards the end by Zen Louis Kovner, my precious Pug)

#QandAwesome Episode 12 How Do I Find The Time?

In this weeks episode, I answer the question of how I find the time to create content, engage on social platforms, answer email, blog, take care of my clients, etc. A very common question, and one that most people don’t love the answer to. It all begins with a decision and choice. Thank you so much for watching!