A School for Salon Owners

$40.00 / month


Creating your awesome salon biz + brand is both fulfilling and scary AF. Creating your awesome life while leading + growing can be even tougher.

We understand how lonely and confusing it can be at times, and that’s where we come in. In A School, we are right by your side to help empower you to make good decisions for your biz, brand and life.

Welcome to A School, our family of passionate, awesome, like minded leaders.

What You Get When You Join A School

  • Instant access to over 60 Workshops + Guest Mentor LIVE Chats on creating a brand, brand storytelling, marketing, social media, digital media, leadership, pricing, boundaries, energy, healing + more ON DEMAND
  • Morning text coaching focusing on personal development and empowerment, 7 days a week
  • Super Secret Facebook Group; our sacred space for daily love, education and support, to ask questions and to work through challenges + to connect with passionate, like minded leaders
  • LIVE Workshops monthly + Guest Mentor LIVE Chats 6 times a year with Beauty Industry + Personal Empowerment Leaders
  • Opportunity to be our guest on the people passion purpose Podcast
  • A School Monthly newsletter highlighting the happenings in our awesome group
  • Dedicated A School Membership site where all Workshops, Guest Mentor LIVE Chats and Exclusive A School content will be hosted for 24/7/365 access
  • Special A School pricing on all Passion Squared Workshops and One On One Coaching
  • A School Meet-Up’s around the country to connect heart to heart with our awesome family of leaders
  • Invitation to Our Exclusive Annual A School Retreat

A School is for salon owners with employees and independent studio/suite owners who have lease agreements and are 100% responsible for their business. If you are not sure if you qualify, email us at awesome@passionsquared.net and we can have a chat! 

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