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Keya Neal on Independent Education + Representation + Blackish

In this LIVE from ISSE with Hairbrained episode we have Keya Neal of Texture vs. Race back with us for round two! We talk about ALL THE THINGS, from the reality of independent education, Keya’s journey in becoming an awesome public speaker, and the recent problematic Blackish episode on black hair and salons. For even more context and education, please listen to Keya’s first episode on the podcast where we discussed cultural appropriation, braided styles and inclusion. A big shout out of gratitude to Keya for coming back and sharing her heart and brain, and to PBA and Hairbrained for creating this space for us to chat and to all the awesome humans who joined us LIVE. You can find Keya on the gram @keya_artistically @texturevsrace @thekolourkulture on Facebook in the Texture Vs Race Facebook group and online at and

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