Nine Reasons Salons Are Still Growing Their Business in 2024

Executing the fundamentals, consistently, is what grows a salon business and brand long term

No, not all salons or hairdressers are slow, regardless of what your particular TikTok algorithm may tell you. If you listen to the PEOPLE PASSION PURPOSE podcast, you’ve heard me talk about this the last few years because I saw it coming.

If you are in A School, or have taken Creating Your Awesome Brand, a complete course for beauty professionals, you’ve heard this too.

Some salons and hairdressers’ business has slowed down, however, some salons are thriving, having record months even, including most of our client’s salon businesses.

While there is a ton of context, nuance, and variables as to why some salons are slow and others aren’t, below are a few reasons most of our clients who own salons are doing awesome.

Nine Reasons Salons Are Still Growing Their Business in 2024

1. They didn’t overcorrect or overreact to economic pressures because they understand their salon brand and how the decisions they make impact their salon business long-term

2. They have a clear understanding of lifetime salon client value and make their decisions with that in mind

3. They understand the difference between healthy boundaries and walls

4. Their salon prices are aligned with their brand promise and market position

5. Their Client Agreements are clear, kind, and aligned with their salon brand

6. They remain simple and easy to do business with

7. They’re passionate about salon client experience and consistency

8. They invest time and energy into post-experience follow-up and communications with their salon clients which I wrote about here

9. They are wise, compassionate, empathetic, awesome leaders and salon owners who care deeply for their clients, teams or tenants

Is everything perfect? No. Because perfection is a myth.

Are they doing everything in their power to create salon spaces that make their clients, teams, and tenants feel like they really matter? Yes.

The tools and strategies inside Creating Your Awesome Brand, a complete course for beauty professionals help you have clarity around your salon brand, build a strong foundation to make more aligned decisions, save a ton of time, money, and energy, and feel more confidence, courage, and joy. Click here to learn more.

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