The Awesome Team Handbook Template + Live Coaching


                  Clear is kind, unclear is unkind. Brene Brown


Whether you have been in business for decades or just getting started, leading a team of one or many, the truth is, most salon team handbooks are lacking some of the most important content and context that draws people to you; the purpose + promise of your brand, along with clearly communicating your experience and agreements.

My intention in creating this for you is to help you not only get more clarity around your brand but learn how to communicate it to current and future team members to alleviate misunderstandings, confusion, and mismatched values and visions.

This is as much a coaching tool as it is a compass for your leadership, culture, and brand. This is a time and anxiety saver. You need this. Your current and future team members want this from you as a leader.

In this handbook you will learn:
What a compelling team handbook looks + feels like
How to organize and design your team handbook so it not only gets read but more importantly, understood + felt.

Included in your investment:
The Awesome Team Handbook Template
30-minute virtual coaching session with Nina to help you customize your handbook

Handbook Length: 14 pages

Format: digital PDF optimized for mobile + tablet
You can save the Handbook to your Apple Books, Kindle or almost any e-reader for quick access when you really need it!

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Creating this for you is a culmination of decades of leading and coaching people and creating handbooks just like this one. We ask that you please DO NOT steal, copy or distribute this handbook. Thank you for respecting our boundaries and our creative small business.