Is Confidence Really A Choice?

Confidence is a choice, not a symptom.  -Seth Godin


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Just last week I wrote about confidence when sharing the Creating Awesome Recipe. It seems I just keep feeling the pull to write about it more. Why? Because as I shared last week, to me, it is one of the biggest things holding back so many small business owners, particularly in the professional beauty biz. And it totally bums me out, since if that is really the only thing holding back greatness, why is it not talked about more?

So my marketing and biz guru Seth Godin wrote about it recently too, and I had to share, as I love his take on it… Here is what confidence means, taken directly from his blog…

“The batter has already hit two home runs. When he gets up to bat for the third time, his confidence is running high…

It’s easy to feel confident when we’re on a roll, when the cards are going our way, or we’re closing sales right and left. This symptomatic confidence, one built on a recent series of successes, isn’t particularly difficult to accomplish or useful.

Effective confidence comes from within, it’s not the result of external events. The confident salesperson is likely to close more sales. The confident violinist expresses more of the music. The confident leader points us to the places we want (and need) to go.

You succeed because you’ve chosen to be confident. It’s not really useful to require yourself to be successful before you’re able to become confident.”

I agree with Seth. And I would also add that yes, education is very empowering, knowledge does destroy fear as my awesome buddy DJ Muldoon shares with us, but in the end, you gotta believe. You gotta do what you gotta do to truly believe you can make it happen, that you deserve success.

I think the other myth is that believing and knowing are the same thing. To me, they are not. I believe that I can empower people. It’s what I do everyday. I believe it. But do I know for sure that what I share will empower people? Well, actually, no. I don’t know for sure. But because I believe it, I have a much better chance of choosing to show up, create and share myself with the people I love, with the belief that they will be better for having engaged with me. It’s why I wrote my book, Follow Your Heart, it’s why I wake up every day. Because I believe. What do you believe?

(shared with LOVE from Nina)

The Letter C

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.  -Anthony Robbins


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So what does it take to create awesome? Over the last couple years, and really, over my entire career I have studied many businesses, including my own. I am one for keeping things real, and simple. While there are several ways to create awesome and people are doing it every day, it is the following traits and actions that I see which are some of the most important, and conveniently enough, they all begin with the letter C, so I call this the Creating Awesome Recipe.


Believing your awesome and learning to love yourself and believe in you. This is absolutely the biggest roadblock to awesomeness in the professional beauty + wellness industries in my experience. You can have all the education and motivation in the world, BUT, if you do not feel deserving of success and happiness, another class or workshop will not help you. Truth.


Turning your fears into creative fuel. Learning to say YES, and more importantly, NO! It’s a decision. It’s a choice. Make it.


Discovering your awesome and finding your purpose, promise and passion for yourself and your business. When you have clarity, those around you will too. If you want people to buy into your vision, seek clarity first, and then share it.


Living your awesome and creating systems, processes and plans for growing your business, consistently.  This holds true in business and in life.


Are you prepared to make it happen, even on the days you don’t feel like it? Enough said.


Sharing your awesomeness by engaging and marketing online and off to grow yourself, your team and your business.  Creating deep connections with the world around you brings so much more meaning to owning and leading a business.


George Bernard Shaw once said,” The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  Truer words have never been spoken. Communicate with your team, clients and community. They will be grateful, and you will be a much happier owner, leader and awesomeness creator.

So there you have it. Pick one, work on it, then move to the next. Rome was not built in a day… and neither are our businesses or lives.

(shared with LOVE from Nina)

Defining Your Brand

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.  -Simon Sinek


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According to one of my go-to awesomeness creators on all things marketing and business, Seth Godin, he states “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

So, when we think of creating, building and growing a brand, such as a salon, Pilates studio, or education business, we must begin with defining our WHY and our promise, which are the foundation of our brand story. Without a story, and I am not talking about an old school mission statement, we are not a brand; we are just another business that can be easily replaced with another.

Your brand is not your name, logo or the colors you choose for your business card, the words you use or wall paint. That is your brand identity and ultimately become your brand image. And while those choices you make are very important and critical, having an awesome logo or name and no clarity around your WHY or promise, will not matter in the end. You see, its your WHY and promise that once defined, help guide you into the best name, logo, colors and words, not the other way around.

Here is a series of questions for you to ponder to begin to define your brand.

1. What is your WHY?
Why are you in business? Why should I choose you over someone else? What problem are you trying to solve? Passion Squared WHY is to help empower the people I love through providing proven ideas, systems and processes to help create awesome in biz + life. The problem I want to solve is small business failure for beauty and wellness professionals.

2.What business are you in?
Hint: Its not haircuts or exercise classes.  Passion Squared is in the empowerment business.

3. What is your promise to your team, clients and community?
After engaging with your business, what will the outcome be? Passion Squared promise is to share honest ideas, insights and inspiration that will empower the community to take action on those ideas and create awesome in their business, with love.

4. What three words best describe your experience?
If you can get it to one word, even better. Passion Squared one word is empowerment. My three words are awesome, create and empowerment.

5. If a client were writing a 5 star YELP review about your business, what would it say?
If it matches or comes close to your why and promise, you are awesome. A client of Passion Squared would say after engaging with my business, my client had more clarity around what steps they needed to take to grow and felt empowered to create awesome in their business.

Begin here. Take the time. Get the team involved. Listen to what your clients say about your business today. Read your YELP reviews and Facebook page comments. Rome was not built in a day and neither are real, sustainable brands.

PS: Your brand is not the product lines you choose to carry or use. It’s actually the other way around. Based on your brand why, promise, story, identity and image, you choose the product line that fits your brand.

(shared with LOVE from Nina)

Changing Tracks

Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge. – Eckhart Tolle

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Change. It’s one of those things that is always tossed around as inevitable yet so many still try to avoid it, whether we are conscious of it or not. I recently experienced something that made me really stop and think about how we many times fear change, or see it as such a negative thing it almost paralyzes us.

This is what happened.

When the new iPhone iOS7 came out, from my perspective, it seemed as though everyone hated it. Typically when Apple launched as new iOS, people got so excited. Including me. New features. New toys. Awesome, right? But with iOS7, all I heard was what a nightmare it was and be ready to have a ton of time on your hands to relearn how to use just about everything. The issue that stuck out most to me was the changes in iCal, which basically runs my life. Every move I make is on iCal, even trash day.

Life has been a little upside down and nutty for me the last several months, and the last thing I needed was my iCal messed up. Seriously, in my mind, if that happened, I would have to crawl into a hole, for real.

The update could wait. It was too dangerous and scary. At least that is what I thought, based on all the noise on the social web. So I waited. And waited. Until…

Facebook launched the new app called Paper, which is actually a really cool & new way to experience Facebook. But, I had to have iOS7 to get it. OMG. Are you kidding me? So it happened. I decided it was time to update my phone. The thoughts running through my mind were crazy. But I took the plunge. And pressed update…and waited.

What comes next is truly where the lesson was for me. After several months of fearing the update, fearing losing all of my information, fearing not being able to use my lifeline called iCal, I turned on my phone and to my total disbelief, it was awesome. Everything was essentially the same, only a bit more awesome looking. More intuitive. More seamless. More new. That was it.

In business and in life, we can see change as negative, or we can see it as opening up more space, creating new opportunity, creating more awesome. Whether its making that long overdue change in your team, systems, or programs, whether it’s a relationship that’s run its course, not all change is negative. Once we accept that, it is truly amazing how much time we can save and awesomeness we can create.

(shared with LOVE from Nina)

Until We Truly Believe…

I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself. – Rita Mae Brown

Here is the audio version of this post. Thank you so much for listening. Enjoy.

It’s that week, you know, the week where we either kept our resolutions or have already begun to shame ourselves because we did not. For me, resolutions are some of the most harmful processes we bring entirely onto ourselves. Why? Don’t we already beat ourselves up enough?

Here’s the deal. Until we really, deep down, inside our souls believe we deserve to achieve awesomeness, however we define it, in business and in life, we will just keep hitting a wall and feeling bad about ourselves.

Think about it. We make a resolution to lose weight. We join the gym, get the outfit, mark it on our calendars, write it down, hang up things on the fridge, then go. Day one, awesome. Day two, ever more awesome. Day three. Ugh. Its cold outside. I have to get to a meeting. I overslept. The list goes on. Why does this happen? Because we skipped the most important part? The inside work. The work on breaking free from self sabotage. The self-love part. The hard stuff.

Just because society says that we are to set goals or resolutions a certain way does not mean it is right for all of us. The more we conform to others ways of doing things, the more we may find that we keep hitting a wall and feeling bad about ourselves.

Now this applies to business as well. To me, there is no difference. Business is made up of humans. We all bring our issues, esteem, perspectives into work everyday. As business owners, the same applies. You know if you implement that referral program, and consistently manage and promote it, you will get new clients. But you begin strong, and a month later, it’s almost completely forgotten. Why? It’s just another form of self sabotage, in this case, for whatever reason, being in fear or feeling not deserving of an awesome business.

We go through life being taught all sorts of tactics, strategies, systems and ways of living. We are told you should do this. And we try, attempt, give it our best, and yet, things many times just seem like they are just not right.

If we want to create awesome in life and live our dreams, it all begins with believing we deserve it. It begins with falling in love with the most important person on the planet, ourselves.

Here are some ways that I work on my insides, if any of these resonate, you may want to give them a try…

1. Read The Daily Love blog every morning.
This helps get my head focused on self-love first thing in the morning.

2. See my therapist every two weeks.
This is my medicine for keeping my mind right.

3. Daily gratitude lists.
This process, which I have written about several times, puts things in perspective for me, and gives me energy to keep creating awesome.

4. Connecting and helping people every day.
For me, the more I reach out and help people, the better I feel inside. The better I feel inside, the more awesome I tend to create.

5. Write.
For me, writing is therapeutic. Now let me get something clear, writing this blog is not easy, but I always feel better after getting what’s in my head on paper. For some it may be journaling or vision boarding, or creating any form of art. What’s most important here is that we allow ourselves to express our creativity one way or another.

6. Get some form of exercise.
Now, this is the toughest one for me, as I am still in the process of truly believing I deserve to be healthy. I know, sounds inane, but maybe you can relate. But I swear, on the days I do Pilates, my mind is more clear and my heart is more calm, and that allows me to create more awesome.

If resolutions work for you, awesome. If you are one of the millions, like me, who they don’t work for, try taking a few steps back and begin falling in love with your insides. Feel your fears, use them as creative fuel. Stop beating yourself up and shaming yourself, or allowing yourself to be shamed by society for not conforming. It’s time to begin creating your own kind of awesome. Now that is a resolution worth keeping.

Do you have a process for working on your insides? Want to share it to help empower others? Leave your comments below or send me a love note, I’m listening.

(shared with LOVE from Nina)