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“Your content is your marketing.” Me

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It seems almost every day there is a new platform, and people get all geeked out on it, jump in quickly while others sit back and observe. What has happened with Periscope for the professional beauty industry has been quite awesome to watch. What is Periscope you ask? A live streaming app, owned by & integrated with Twitter.

Now, before I get into my thoughts on Periscope, here are a few fundamentals to remember when it comes to choosing platforms and content plans.

Be where your clients are. How do you know? Ask. Observe. Listen.

Less is more. Always. I would rather you engage successfully on one platform than attempt to engage half heatedly on two or more.

So, as long as we are all clear on that, here are my initial thoughts on creating awesome with Periscope…

1. I Love It
And I am a tough customer. I do not jump to jump, I jump when I see something that I believe can delver a ton of value and I see this happening quickly on Periscope. Why? Engagement, community, conversations, behind the scenes, all of it is stuff our communities crave.

2. Less Is Always More, Unless We Are Talking Espresso or OITNB
Oh wait, I already said that. But it bears repeating. This is part of a larger content strategy discussion, but it’s important to remember that TMI and random chatter does not add value to your brand, in fact, it can take away value. This is true on any platform, post consistently, but be mindful to post content that matters. The more random noise you make, the less people listen + hear.

3. Your Content Is Your Marketing
And on Periscope it is no different. Think about your brand story, your brand why, what your clients are seeking by following you, how you can add value to the conversation. Begin there.

4. Be Mindful of Your Biz Model
What? Yes, think about it. If you are an educator and offer paid courses, be mindful of how much content you share and what types of content you share. And please remember, your content is your marketing. Free content is for sure a strategy, one I use often (and strategically) at Passion Squared, but too much free content could impact your course sales. Make sure you understand your model, know your business, know your customer and be thoughtful and strategic in how and what you share. Be generous, yes, but be mindful.

Love + Awesomeness-


I would love to connect with you on Periscope, you can find me at @passionsquared2 (same as Twitter)

#QandAwesome Episode 12 How Do I Find The Time?

In this weeks episode, I answer the question of how I find the time to create content, engage on social platforms, answer email, blog, take care of my clients, etc. A very common question, and one that most people don’t love the answer to. It all begins with a decision and choice. Thank you so much for watching!

5 Ways To Create Awesome on Instagram

5 Ways To Create Awesome on Instagram

A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.  Ansel Adams

Here is the audio version of this post. Thank you so much for listening.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in today’s world, I would add video to that statement and boy, it is truer than ever in the social + digital world.

You see, we have all been given the opportunity, thanks to Insta, to tell and share stories in a way we never imagined possible. And that is what engages people, stories. And engagement leads to interest, and interest can lead to relationships, and relationships can lead to revenue. Ahhhhhh, yes. See how that works?

Here are 5 ways you can begin creating awesome on Instagram today!

1. Create a plan around how you will share your brand story.
What will it look like, feel like, sound like? What types of content will you share that helps tell your story. Who is your target market and what is of interest to them? How much time will you put towards building your community and content? All very important questions to ask.

2. Spend time on your “about” story.
Be sure your logo is clean and clear on your profile. This is a must. I want to know who you are and why I should follow you. Keep it real. We crave that.

3. Be mindful of the URL you use on your profile, as it’s the only way to “link out” on Instagram.
Ask yourself, “where do I want people to go?” And yes, this can change as often as you choose. And if you are posting anything asking me to go outside of Instagram, simply change the link. (and remember to change it back!)

4. Share other posts (#regram) only if it’s consistent with your brand.
While you may want to share all sorts of content, think first if it is consistent with your brand story. And always give credit for what you share, unless in the few instances where you do not know the origin of the post.

5. Engage, engage, engage.
This is the most important of the list. If you care, you will find time to engage. This means following people that matter to you and your brand, liking, commenting and sharing (if applicable) posts. Responding and replying. This is about relationships. Period. And relationships take time to build.

At the end of the day, it all comes back to caring, commitment, consistency and action. Now you simply need to choose to make a decision. I know, no magic pill, but you know you will always hear the truth from me.

 Love + Awesomeness-


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How You Get Paid Is Irrelevant

How You Get Paid Is Irrelevant

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Walt Disney

In the world of professional salons, it has always baffled me how there is so much focus on how people get paid. Commission, salary, commission plus salary, team based, self-employed, independent, 1099, ugh, the list goes on and on…

And to be clear, this is not a debate on booth rental or commission salons, which is the better model or who is right or wrong, that is not a debate I choose to engage in, this is about what really matters to clients.

To me, it does not matter how you get paid, or what business model you choose to create, lead, manage, or work in.

Here is what matters…

Can you deliver an awesome experience consistently? The key word here is consistently? If you promise me a 5 minute scalp massage, trust, I know when you decided 3 minutes would be ok this time, guess what, its not ok.

#iamtheclient #ouch
Are you available when I want to get my hair done? Remember, I am the client, so my availability is more important than yours.

#myterms #notyours
Can I book with you 24/7?

Do you have a website? Can I find your story online?

How are your YELP reviews? Are there several, posted consistently over time?

Can I find you on Instagram or Facebook? If I can’t, I don’t think you exist.

Do you pre-book my next appointment as a convenience to me?

Do I get a text or email reminder of my appointment?

Do you make my days brighter, my hair awesome and most importantly my heart fuller?

Are you loving and kind? Authentically, kind and loving. To yourself, and those around you?

#omg #fail
Do you support & cheer on the people around you? Opposed to having a nasty attitude and talking shit about those around you and many times in front of me?

Is your space clean? I mean really clean? Or could your salon end up in a Buzzfeed list on grossest salons?

#youareresponsibleforthernergyyoubring #thankyou #sage
Is your energy clean? If it’s not, take care of that shit before you get to the salon.

Are you passionate about learning and trying new things?

Are you really, really listening to me? Sometimes I think you aren’t. I said I loved that product you used on me, but you never offered it to me to take home.

#purpose #givemeareason
Do you know your why, and more importantly, do I know your why?

Is the value you deliver more than the price you charge? It better be. Because if its not, I will look for a less expensive option.

#wordofmouth #referrals
You see, if you do all these things, consistently, over time, you can create an awesome business + life. Because when you do all those things, consistently, I get excited. And when I get excited, I tell my friends.

Let’s stay focused on what matters, just like Mr. Disney did. #waltwisdom

Love + Awesomeness-
Nina, a salon client