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Gordon Miller + Nina L. Kovner Decade In Review

In this extended episode Nina sits down with her bestie Gordon Miller, CEO of Hairbrained.me to talk about the decade in social, digital, the beauty industry, highlights, proud moments and all the things. They also share some predictions of where they see the future of social, digital and more. Buckle up loves, this is a long yet loaded with so much wisdom episode. You can find Gordon on the gram @gordnm @hairbrained_official and Nina @passionsquared Thank you Gordon for being our special guest and to all of our listeners who have been with us the last two years. We are so grateful for you. Happy New Year!

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Are you Hairbrained?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. “

Margaret Meade


The social + digital web has allowed us to share, engage and connect like never before.  One of the coolest platforms to do this is our fave hairbrained.me.  A community of the worlds most talented artists sHairing their passion, art and minds.

Hairbrained is a great place to be inspired, learn new things, connect with mentors, find images and videos to share on your own social pages, and a way to socially network with the best and brightest in our biz.

Co-Founders Randy Taylor and Gerard Scarpaci are two of the most passionate hairdressers in the world.  They created this space for our community, and they do it for the love of the hairdresser.  They do it for us. Awesome.

Click here to become part of the hairbrained.me community, and begin sHaring your passion.

(shared with LOVE from your passionistas Nina + Gordon)

PS: A big shout out of LOVE to Randy, Gerard and Kelly for being awesome, and working their asses off so we can all be more connected through our passion for art, education and each other.  You guys (and gal) ROCK!

Our History: We Can All Learn From It





“Study history, study history.  In history lies the secrets of all statecraft”

Winston Churchill

History is an amazing teacher and so we were thrilled to see leading longhair artist and smart salon owner, educator, and artist Ryan Teal post the following question on his Facebook wall. We couldn’t help but add an answer onto his wall, and add to it by sharing this great video highlighting an important and transformative time in our industry’s history.

Ryan Teal Facebook post
“Can you imagine a architect graduating from school not knowing Frank Lloyd Wright? Or an artist not knowing Dali? Why is it that hairdressers are ok not knowing their history?”

Our Comment
“History has to be handed down – by those who know it to those who don’t (since most don’t know what they don’t know and for sure have no way to easily find it).”

Artists tend to seek history out as it informs and offers context and/or inspiration for what they are creating; whereas the average person doesn’t necessarily have an obvious (to themselves) need to know it. They also likely don’t have role models who are mentoring them as to its importance -and offering up interpretations of specific history to help make it relevant in the modern context.

Thank you Ryan Teal for starting this important conversation, thank you Hairbrained.me for sharing this amazing video by Flint Whincop and thank you to all the mentors and leaders who are sharing the rich history of our industry.


(shared with LOVE from your history geek passionistas Gordon+Nina)

video: Flint Whincop via Hairbrained.me 
photo: Vidal Sassoon
Check out The Teals @ http://www.tealsalon.com/