Little Things Make a Big Difference in The Salon Experience

The salon experience you create and deliver is your brand

Let’s talk about something close to my heart: creating unforgettable experiences in your salon. It’s not just about hair; it’s about every little touch and detail that makes your clients feel valued, cared for, and truly special. It’s about building trust with your clients and creating memorable salon experiences that keep them coming back to you and sharing their salon experience with their friends, online and off.

Imagine this: Subaru of Portland has a dog wash area connected to the service waiting room. Cute, right? It’s such a simple yet thoughtful and memorable touch that transforms a mundane waiting room into a space where customers feel acknowledged and appreciated. And this is perfectly aligned with the Subaru brand, as one of their brand promises is ‘Subaru Loves Pets” and one way they show that is through their longtime partnership with the ASPCA and Bark. Now, let’s translate that into your salon.

Experience Is Your Brand

Your salon brand isn’t your logo (logos are part of your salon brand identity) or your Instagram feed; it’s the experience you create. It’s how you make your clients feel when they walk through your doors. Experience is a big part of your salon brand promise. It’s what sets you apart from the salon down the street. What’s important to remember is different clients value different things, thus, having clarity around your salon brand story is so important, as it helps you create the most relevant “little things” that your salon clients value.

Here are a few examples of some little, yet significant, things you can do to elevate your client experience as long as they are aligned with your salon brand story:
  • A hook in the bathroom for coats and bags: It’s the small conveniences that show you’ve thought of everything.
  • An easily accessible phone or tablet charger: Keep your clients connected and stress-free.
  • A lap desk for clients who need to work: Show that you value their comfort and time.
  • A cup holder at your station: Eliminating friction, such as where to put your cup, shows clients you really care.
  • A footrest or an extra pillow: Comfort is king and queen and all the things.
  • Specialty beverage and snack service: Elevate the experience with a touch of luxury.
  • Affirmation cards to take home: Leave them with something joyful to remember you by.
  • Silent appointments: Respect their need for quiet and personal space.
  • An elevated shampoo experience: Make it more than just getting their hair clean.
  • Hot and cool towels: A touch of spa-like comfort that’s simple and valued.
  • Cozy blankets and pillows for lash clients: Comfort during those longer appointments is worth it.
  • Noise-canceling headphones for lash and nail clients: Help them escape the noise.
  • Simple confirmation process: Make scheduling simple and convenient.
  • Product samples: Who doesn’t love a free gift?
  • Thank you notes: Never underestimate the power of gratitude.
  • Respond to awesome reviews: Show your appreciation for their support and time.
  • Neck, shoulder, or hand massages: Who doesn’t love a little extra pampering?
  • Foot waxing with pedicures: Add value and convenience to their experience.
  • Neck massager and back support options: Comfort is key for mani/pedi clients.
  • New client welcome gift bags: Make them feel special from day one.
  • Blanket warmers for facials: Little touches of cozy luxury.
  • Hand or foot massage with facials: Elevate their relaxation and create more value.
  • Disposable eyeglass handle covers for color clients: Thoughtful and practical. We love!
  • Facial steamer for shaves: Add a touch of spa vibes to your barber services.

Building Trust, Showing You Care, Adding Value

Each of these small touches builds trust, shows your salon clients you care, and adds immense value to your salon clients’ experiences. It’s about making every visit to your salon more memorable, so they can’t help but come back—and bring their friends.

Remember, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Stay focused on creating those magical moments that set your salon apart. 

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Much love, in service to you-