Our History: We Can All Learn From It





“Study history, study history.  In history lies the secrets of all statecraft”

Winston Churchill

History is an amazing teacher and so we were thrilled to see leading longhair artist and smart salon owner, educator, and artist Ryan Teal post the following question on his Facebook wall. We couldn’t help but add an answer onto his wall, and add to it by sharing this great video highlighting an important and transformative time in our industry’s history.

Ryan Teal Facebook post
“Can you imagine a architect graduating from school not knowing Frank Lloyd Wright? Or an artist not knowing Dali? Why is it that hairdressers are ok not knowing their history?”

Our Comment
“History has to be handed down – by those who know it to those who don’t (since most don’t know what they don’t know and for sure have no way to easily find it).”

Artists tend to seek history out as it informs and offers context and/or inspiration for what they are creating; whereas the average person doesn’t necessarily have an obvious (to themselves) need to know it. They also likely don’t have role models who are mentoring them as to its importance -and offering up interpretations of specific history to help make it relevant in the modern context.

Thank you Ryan Teal for starting this important conversation, thank you Hairbrained.me for sharing this amazing video by Flint Whincop and thank you to all the mentors and leaders who are sharing the rich history of our industry.


(shared with LOVE from your history geek passionistas Gordon+Nina)

video: Flint Whincop via Hairbrained.me 
photo: Vidal Sassoon
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The Rose Heard ‘Round the World








“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

William Shakespeare

We’re not sure if Mr. Shakespeare had a rose as a hairstyle in mind when he penned this classic line but if he did, we are sure he’d have been WOW’ed big time by Ann Bray’s amazing design.

These photos of Ann’s creation, shot by our passionista Gordon Miller, went viral in our industry’s facebook community, capturing over 1000 likes and hundreds of shares on peoples pages.

Ann Bray, the renowned educator, competition trainer, platform artist and industry icon created this work of art as a tribute to her long time mentor and friend, Leo Passage, the iconic founder of Pivot Point International.

Our WOW?  We are a visual industry – and we LOVE it when artists push the boundaries of technique and design to create ART.  And when we love what we SEE, we love to SHARE it.  If you have a DESIRE to engage and connect with your fellow artists, remember to WOW them visually every chance you get.

THE ONE AND ONLY…Steve Jobs on Life

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma- which is living with the results of other peoples thinking. Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Steve Jobs

Why Heroes?

he-ro (n)
a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for brave deeds and noble qualities.

Today perhaps more than ever, heroes matter. They help us to find our way in a complicated and sometimes confusing personal and professional world.

They offer up context to help us know how we fit in and serve as examples to show us the possibilities of the path we have chosen.

Our list of heroes is thankfully long and varied and likely somewhat different than yours; but if we were to guess just one name we likely share with most, we’d guess it would belong to the guy in the photo below – the first of many we look forward to sharing.




“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon is the hairdressers’ hairdresser’; the artists’ artist; our industry icons’ icon. Sassoon worked his way to success from 1940’s “shampoo boy” to a household name by the late 1960’s.

He went on to define the salon in its most modern incarnation. He brought incredible cred to the art and craft of hairdressing. He helped to create a revolution in how hair was understood and done – by professionals and for the women who depend on and adore them.

He believed – in the power of hairdressers to change the lives of clients in transformative ways and, in doing so, change themselves for the better.

Since “retiring” following the sale of his namesake salons, academies and products in the 1980’s, he has continued to serve as a role model for professionals around the world.

Today, Vidal uses his position in the public eye and considerable wealth to do good as a humanitarian and unofficial goodwill ambassador for the salon industry to the world.

Some 70 years after walking into his first salon, no name is more synonymous worldwide with the art and business of hair than that of Vidal Sassoon.

We heart Vidal.










(photos from Phase 4 Films , Vidal Sassoon The Movie)



“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

Joseph Campbell

Heroes inform and inspire us – and come to us in many forms. From beauty icons and some of (y)our favorite brands to hard working professionals and those living quiet yet extraordinary lives, we are honored to share some of our heroes with you here.