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Exposure Doesn’t Pay The Bills

In this episode I share my experience, wisdom and context around getting paid as a speaker, educator, platform artist and influencer. After 30 years of being an educator, education director and VP of Marketing, Education and Events, I have negotiated hundreds of contracts and today help our clients at Passion Squared understand their value and worth. This is not a black and white one size fits all discussion, but it is one that needs to be clearly understood so you are empowered to advocate and negotiate for yourself. A big shout out of gratitude to all the brands who have invested in and see value in what educators, speakers, platform artists and influencers bring to the table. We see you and appreciate you. And all the gratitude and love to bestie of Passion Squared Rebecca Taylor for inspiring this episode.

You can find me on the gram @passionsquared and find my new book along with all the services we offer at Thank you so much for listening!

PS: If you listen all the way to the end you will hear a little song. This is the timer I use when I am working to help me stay focused. Oops!

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