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Passion Profile: Laura Kaszoni

“Every accomplishment begins with a decision to try.” Unknown

As a fan and follower of @lalasupdos for sometime, I was thrilled to learn I would meet this talented power house at the first ever Butterfly Circus in the summer of 2015 (thank you David + Alexis Thurston!) But I had NO idea I would instantly fall in love with this special human. Laura’s humility and beauty is what struck me at first, then to watch her move hair in ways I have never seen in my 30 years of being in the hair biz, I knew I was witnessing something insanely special. It’s an honor to share a little chat I had with my dear friend, and passionately talented Lalas Updos…

N: What does passion look & feel like to you?
L: I’ve been in this country for 9 years and worked in the wrong field for 8 years. After settling for less, being miserable and wondering what’s my purpose for so many years, I think now, that I finally do what I love the most, can describe what passion is…

Passion is when you fail, but never give up.

Passion is not being able to sleep because you’re too excited about what’s on your agenda for tomorrow.

Passion is planning to spend one hour practicing your craft and look in shock at clock few hours later not knowing how that happened.

Passion is when you don’t listen to anything that anyone has to say about your craft & style, and you don’t change your vision based on people’s opinion.

Passion is sleepless nights when creative ideas won’t let your mind to rest, is smiles, tears, butterflies, failure and the determination to keep going, no matter what.

N: Why did you create your own education company?
L: I created my own education company because I’ve been asked to. I have never planned or dreamed to become an educator – as a matter of fact, I do not even consider myself one. I am just a stylist passionate about art of up styling, sharing my love and knowledge with other fellow artists.

After I had my first class in December of 2014, I got more and more requests to travel and share my knowledge, so I can say my education company was born out of people’s hunger and love for up styling.

N: What is the biggest challenge you have had and how did you overcome it?
L: Biggest challenge was finding balance between work and personal life. I think I was able to overcome that issue when my daughter pointed out that I am spending less time with her. I realized in the end, when everything else is gone, the loved ones are the only ones that matter. The only ones that will be there for you, and they should be always #1 priority. When I come back from my trips I try to wake up early take care of my business, and leave the afternoons to my family.

N: What is the greatest lesson you have learned?
L: The greatest lesson I have learned in my life: It’s never too late to follow your dreams and start all over again! It was the most painful but rewarding lesson in the same time. I worked and stood in the wrong industry for almost 8 years, choosing to ignore the all the signs that showed me clearly that’s not my place. I was afraid to get out of my comfort zone, afraid of unknown, afraid I will fail, afraid my dreams were too big or too foolish. I choose to settle because of fear, but guess what? Fear doesn’t make you happy, nor content. Being stressed and miserable at your work place, are the first signs you are in the wrong place.

My point is: pay attention to the signs, listen to your heart, follow your dreams – don’t settle for less. It’s never too late to start all over again. It’s never too late to be happy, to stop surviving and start living.

N: Why are you so passionate about updo’s?
L: I always had an inclination for art – I’ve be been creating things from scratch, drawing and painting since I was a little child. But with updos it always felt different. The thrill and the passion I feel every time I create a new style, is different than anything I have experienced before. When I create up-styles I loose myself into it – the time just stops, it’s just me and my craft. I never get tired, bored, frustrated, or out of ideas. I think that’s a clear sign I found my passion/calling.

N: Favorite quote?
L: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phillippians 4:13

N: Starbucks or Coffee Bean?
L: Starbucks

You can find Laura on Instagram @lalasupdos, on her Facebook page Lalas-Updos as well as her website where you will find her upcoming workshops, booking info and all of her other awesomeness.

Love + Awesomeness-

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