Born This Way

Born This Way

“We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe, to be empowered and to make a difference in the world. Together, we will move towards acceptance, bravery and love.”

Born This Way Foundation


Born This Way

October is National Anti-Bullying Month.  There is an alarming trend both online and off of people being mean and hurting one another.  We believe we can all do something to stop this trend and empower our youth, to encourage acceptance and love.

There are several organizations that are doing something to help our youth hold their head up high, to be strong and brave and to show them there is hope.  One of the organizations that we love is the Born This Way Foundation, created by Lady Gaga and her beautiful mother, Cynthia Germanotta.

Check out this video, which shows some staggering stats on the state of bullying in our world.  We love that Lady Gaga chose her song Hair for this video.

While cyber-bullying is something new to our world, the online space has also given organizations like this the ability to reach millions of young people where they live, online. This is the empowering part of the social + digital revolution, and we are so inspired by these movements and how they are truly making a difference in the lives of young people.

If you have been a victim of bullying, know someone who is, you know how horrible it is and the sometimes fatal consequences.  Its time to stand up to bully’s, to show our youth that it’s cool to be your authentic self, and there are millions of people who love and accept them, just the way they are.

If you are passionate about empowering our youth like we are, there are several organizations you can support.
Here are a few of the ones we love and support:
Born This Way Foundation
It Gets Better
The Trevor Project

To learn more about the disturbing state of cyber-bullying, check out our blog post Bullying Sucks!

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IT GETS BETTER…The Power of Hope

Beginning with one inspiring video, Dan Savage used the web to create the It Gets Better Project–a movement that has generated thousands of uplifting videos that give hope to teens.

We  LOVE this video first because of the message it has of hope to the untold numbers of young people it has and continues to inspire to overcome the burden of bullies and negativity they face every day in being who they are.

We also LOVE this video as another example of the power of the social web to engage, inspire and empower (!!) us personally and professionally.

The social web is changing how we communicate, share and learn – and is leveling the business playing field between individuals, small companies and the mega brands.  For sure, “it gets better” is a message of hope for us all.