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A Thirst For Change

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.”

Lily Tomlin


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There are a few times in our lives where we meet someone who touches our soul so deeply. This happened to me when I met Eden Sassoon, and shortly after, Eden introduced me to The Thirst Project. When the Universe speaks, I have learned to listen, and there is no doubt in my mind the Universe brought Eden and I together. That, and Instagram, and our dear friend Winn Claybaugh.

I am not one to jump on bandwagons, so to speak, and I know there are a gazillion humans in need, but Eden and The Thirst Project spoke to my heart so I decided to join my heart and hands with them along with some other awesome humans such as Kaz Amor, Tony Beckerman, Marylle Koken, Anthony Cress, Carrie Balion-McDonald, Erin Short, and Amy Gammon.

Eden Sassoon Seth Maxwell

“As an industry, we use a lot of water.  As an industry, it’s time to give some of it back.”

Eden Sassoon


Thirst Project Las Vegas July 2014
A few things that I love about The Thirst Project and why I think you may want to love & support them too…

1. It is one of the most practical efforts to solve a world issue; access to clean, safe drinking water. They build freshwater wells in counties of need. I know for me, I have always taken fresh water for granted. Not anymore.
The Thirst Project well

2. It is lead by some of the most passionate young humans I have ever met. I mean, Seth Maxwell, Founder & CEO of The Thirst Project, was only 19 years old when we was moved to action, only 6 short years ago. I had the honor of meeting Seth, along with Lucas Romick, Ops Manager of The Thirst Project, who is ONLY 20 years old!!! These guys are making shit happen, and are wise beyond their years.

Seth MaxwellEden Sassoon Lucas Romick

3. It is empowered by our youth. This maybe is what inspired me the most. So many people complain about our youth. About laziness, entitlement, you know, you have heard it before. I am one that feels the absolute opposite. Young people today give me hope.

I am inspired daily by the passion and belief that they do not have to accept the status quo. Their rebel with a cause attitude makes my heart smile. And The Thirst Project is fed through these passionate young souls, in middle schools, high schools and colleges around the country. My motto is do not hate that which you do not understand. Take a moment to understand how powerful our youth is. As a business leader, it’s your responsibility to.

What Passion Squared Is Doing…
1. Sharing The Thirst Project story through this blog, The Weekly Dose of Awesome newsletter, Facebook and Instagram.

2. Hosting a live Facebook chat with Eden and Seth on August 7th (time TBD), so you can connect with them, ask questions and learn more about The Thirst Project.

3. Getting my clients involved.

4. Donating $1 from each book (printed, audio book, ebook) I sell on my website.

What You Can Do If You Feel Inspired…
1. Visit The Thirst Project to learn more.

2. Like & follow The Thirst Project on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Donate $1 and ask your friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

4. Spread the word.

It is such an honor & I am so grateful to join with Eden and her amazing team, Seth, Lucas and The Thirst Project to solve a simple yet devastating issue. Click here to join us!

Love + Awesomeness-

Photo credits: The Thirst Project, Salon Today, Eden Sassoon, Google

Until You Consider

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it. – To Kill A Mockingbird

 Here is the audio version of this post. Thank you so much for listening.

As I opened up the TMZ app Sunday morning, my heart sank, another beloved celebrity, another drug overdose.  Then comes all the voices on the internet, some singing praises and sadness, many passing judgement. It happens. Every time. And every time. I sit in horror and sadness.

I never knew Philip Seymour Hoffman, or Cory Monteith, or Chris Farley or many of the millions of souls who lives are taken by drugs, or mental illness.

What I do know, however, all too well, is my own battle and the battles of my loved ones.

Suicide resides on both sides of my family as does addiction.  I have sat by the bedside of loved ones as they survived their 3rd heroin OD in as many years.

I have come close to taking my own life, twice, and have battled with addiction in many forms. So you bet I understand. And I have immense compassion.

Its time to get serious about mental health. Its time to acknowledge that so many of our problems as a society stem from not addressing mental health issues. Homelessness, mass shootings, crime, prison overcrowding, overdoses and suicides, so much of it stems from mental health.

Until you have climbed into my skin, you may never really know what it feels like to be in so much pain that dying seems like the best solution. Until you have climbed into the skin of a heroin addict or a schizophrenic, or someone who is bi polar, you will never fully understand. But instead of judging and blaming, how about become part of the solution.

You see, one of the most tragic things about mental health is we struggle in silence. We don’t have a disease that people rally around and raise money for. No, we are the forgotten ones until a famous person tragically shows up in the news. Then one 24 hour news cycle later, we are forgotten again.

What can we do? Get educated. Show some compassion. Listen. Stop judging. Talk about it. Lift the stigma.

Just like any movement, the more people that become aware, the more conversations we have, the more we can bring about change.

While there are many quality facilities that offer help, there are not enough. We can do better. For ourselves, our families, our friends, our co-workers and our communities.

This is not about politics, its about life.

(shared with LOVE from Nina)


Stop. Start.

“Blame is expensive, empathy is free.”

Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalists



Here is the audio version of this post if you are not into reading. You’re welcome.
Stop. Start

Our Dirty Little Secret

I am proud to say I have been in the beauty and wellness biz my entire life, since my first day of beauty school. I love this industry, the people, the passion, and the ability to make another persons day better. But what I have witnessed over the last decade or so is actually not very beautiful at all. Something that many choose not to talk about. And that is lack of leadership, blaming others, insincere motives, hype and fluff and BS, lack of authenticity, insecurity, low self-esteem, mental health and addiction issues, short term thinking and expectations. Unfortunately the list could go on forever, but I will not waste any more words.

Blame is Lame

It seems so easy to blame everyone but ourselves for the state of our industry. But its lame. And not very productive. Let’s make a decision together, as an industry, to focus our energy on what we can do, to help small businesses learn to be better, to help people achieve their dreams and live their passion, to be a contributor, to be a hard working team member, to be honest with those who trust that we know better, and I mean really honest.

All the positive thinking, quotes and motivational seminars in the world will not get us there. Looking in the mirror will. And I mean all of us.

This may be a good start.



  • Blaming…

    • The industry

    • The manufacturers

    • Diversion

    • The salons

    • The Hairdressers

    • The schools

    • The distributors

    • Your team

    • Your teammates

    • Your circumstances

    • Your location

Dropping the ball.



  • Caring

  • Taking responsibility

  • Following up

  • Leading with love

  • Discovering your why

  • Taking action on your ideas

  • Helping those in need

  • Looking in the mirror

  • Focusing on what you can control

  • Building people up

  • Making good art

  • Showing up

  • Sharing

  • Challenging the status quo

  • Changing the systems

  • Creating value.

 Your Choice. Choose wisely. (Particularly if you call yourself a “leader”, “expert”, “icon” or “guru”.)

A super big shout out of gratitude and love to Joshua Fields Millburn and Simon Sinek for inspiring me to create this post. You guys ROCK my world!

(shared with LOVE from Nina)