5 Biz Brand Life Lessons of COVID 19 with Nina Kovner

5 Biz + Brand + Life Lessons with COVID-19

In this class Nina shares her insights on what she see’s that is working with businesses, what opportunities you have to build trust and long term loyalty right now and what you can learn about yourself.

In this class you will learn:
Why clarity of brand matters now more than ever and how to find it
What building long term trust looks like right now
How the content you are sharing on the socials impacts your relationships with your clients
Why practicing healthy boundaries and honoring your process is critical to your long term mental health (to watch our class on Mental Health click here)

This is an HONEST AF class from someone who has been building businesses, brands and lives for over 30 years. Please watch with an open heart + mind.
If you have questions, please send them to awesome@passionsquared.net


#QandAwesome Overwhelm + Excuses

In this episode of #QandAwesome I answer a question about overwhelm and excuses. As small business owners, the most important thing we can do is get to the root cause of it, whether it be learning to say no to create more space or busting through fear. Either way, it’s no excuse to not follow your heart and be happy. Thanks so much for watching! Nina xo

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Daylight Savings Realness

“If you don’t like how things are, change it. You are not a tree.” Jim Rohn

So many times in life, the solution is literally right around the corner or even better, right in front of our eyes. But our brains put up blocks, and we many times come up with excuses for why things won’t work, or fall into victim mode, or even worse, self sabotage.

With all the memes and jokes about daylight savings, and with my own search for light upon moving into my new loft, I began a search for light, literally. So naturally, I thought, lets ask my Instagram community, as 23,000 brains are for sure better than mine. And with that, I found the solution to lightening up our spaces, whether its for shooting video (me!) or capturing awesome before and after stories of your beautiful clients, there is a solution. There always has been.

A huge shout out to all the passionate + generous + awesome humans who stepped up with their ideas and solutions to help empower others. Here are just a few, along with the solution I chose to invest in…

I bought the 12 inch Diva Light from Stellar Lighting Systems (in September) and I am already in love! I can see so much more detail than I did before. It was about $200 and totally worth it! Small and lightweight too!

I just invested in Stellar Lighting Systems 12″ ring light for my studio and I am obsessed.

@ rebelnoel_hair
Daylight savings is awful! I’ve been asking clients to send me pictures of their hair, or possibly stopping by Saturday mornings so I can snap a quick pic.

@ prettycutanddry
I have a ring light – best investment yet. My next addition is more lights, and even a faux white backdrop just to have handy in case of ugly background lol.

@ daniellevaliente
This works on both your camera and iPhone iPad. I have this and like it. Ring lights provide the best light though. But this will definitely make a huge difference.

I made some cheap lights using a pair of $12 soft fluorescent light fixtures from Lowes, zip tied to some old microphone stands. I keep them in the trunk of my car all the time and pull them out when I know I have a content-worthy look coming in.

The struggle!!! Ha ha. I actually make them come back the next few days and @tannerjohnson34 will throw a fresh style in for pics. I’m absolutely insane about it being in sunlight.

@ thehairlabstl
My photog friends said ring lights are great but can be pricey and sometimes have too much glare. You might first try getting some high quality photo daylight bulbs, put them in a floor lamp and rig up a light diffusion sheet in front of it to soften it. (Google “photo light diffusion sheet”). As far as light bulbs, try ALZO.

ALZO light bulbs
Soft Box
Mini Ring Light
Ring Light

This is what I decided to invest in for the Passion Squared office…
Passion Squared office

Neewar 18″ Ring Light
Cowboy Studio Light Stand
Neewar Light Diffuser

Remember, there is always an answer. Always. When in doubt, ask. Grateful I chose to ask.

Love + Awesomeness-