SPECIAL GUEST Ira Pope Sage On Becoming A Hairdresser, Educator, Navigating Fears and Healthy Mindsets

In this episode, Nina sits down with long-time friend and award-winning hairdresser Ira Pope Sage. They talk about everything, from how Ira became a hairdresser, to his first years as an educator, to navigating his fears and helping others navigate theirs as an educator, to what creates an awesome salon or education experience, to the daily rituals that help Ira stay healthy, grounded and strong. This is a must-listen episode for everyone in the salon industry, there are so many gems Ira shared to help you. You can find Ira and his tour dates on the socials here, and find Passion Squared on the socials here. Thank you Ira for being our special guest, we LOVE you! And thank YOU for listening! 


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Caring Is The New Black

Caring Is The New Black

“Best marketing strategy ever? Care.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

Caring Is The New Black

Here is the audio version of this post. Thank you for listening.
Caring Is The New Black

Social business is all about authenticity, connections, relationships and caring. Today’s connected customer is keenly aware of who really cares and who is giving them lip service. This is true of clients, team members and even family and friends.

As my biz hero Gary Vee says… “Caring is in short supply, but always in demand.” And yes, you can out care your competitors.

Here are a few ways to show you really care both online and off. How many of these things are you doing consistently? Which ones need a little bit more work?

1. Respond + Reply
To phone calls, e-mails, text messages and comments. Yes, all of them. I have a 24 hour rule that I do my very best to stick to. It shows respect. No it’s not easy, but if it’s important to you, you will find the time.

2. Please + Thank You
Saying please + thank you still work. Always have, always will. (A special shout out to my buddy Ira Pope Sage for always reminding me of this. He is SO good at it.)

3. Recognition Squared
Recognition is many times more valuable than money. We all want to know we matter. If I do something awesome, a simple shout out goes a long long way. This also goes for when people walk into your business or give you a shout out on your social pages. A simple hello. A simple like or comment back.

4. Take Action
Actions speak louder than words. So cliche, but so often overlooked. If you make a commitment, follow through on it. Simple concept yet not very common.

5. Listen
Seriously. Listen. It works wonders and shows me you truly care about what I have to say.

Use this as a simple checklist or mental list when engaging in biz and in life. Not only will it show your team and co-workers you care, it will make a huge difference in how your clients engage with your business both online and off.

Think about this. There are two salons in town with equally great skills. One is known for really caring about it’s clients. They return phone calls, answer emails, respond on the social web, give shout outs to team members and clients and greet you with a big smile when you walk in the door. The other does not. Where will you go to get your hair done?

A big shout out to Sage Tryall Salon in Lynchburg Virginia, one of our Creating Awesome Workshop graduates and a salon that cares. Thank you Suzy, Todd and Team Sage for being an awesome model for caring. You ROCK!

(shared with LOVE from Nina)