Three Gifts from Calliote Canyon

Sunrise at Calliote Canyon on the Whole Body Method Bliss Retreat

Silence is a source of great strength.  -Laozi

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Gifts are everywhere. Gifts can be found in the smallest things, and the grandest of experiences. I experienced some amazing gifts this past weekend as I set out on a Retreat with my friends and client Whole Body Method, a Pilates, Fitness and Wellness Studio in Los Angeles. While there are probably a gazilllion things I could share about the specialness of our time together, there were three gifts that really stood out to me.

Gift #1
Shattering The Routine
A break in routine is good for the soul but even better for the mind. Can you relate to the term auto-pilot? I know I sure can. Routine to me feels natural, but also can be so limiting and keep us from new experiences. So when I realized that the Friday night Breath Workshop was going to begin right at my bedtime, I had a dilemma and a choice. Do I break my routine and be present, or fall back into the OMG I am so tired I have to go to bed? Well, I made the right choice for me, attended the Workshop, had some insane breakthroughs, and slept like a baby. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Upon arrival, it was evident we would not have any cell reception. None, zero. Hmmmmm. We had spotty wireless but in order to get it you would have to sit inside the main house, which while it was absolutely gorgeous, why in the world would I go on a Retreat and sit inside a house just to stay connected online? I actually loved to be unavailable via my phone because it helped me be completely available to the beauty and people around me.

Gift #2
Sights and Sounds of Silence
I live in a very noisy world today, DTLA. I love noise, life happening. Energy. People creating. People suffering. All of it. I dig it. But there is something about absolute silence that is so healing. On the first day, I spotted the cutest lizard who brought me immediately back to childhood which inspired me to begin and almost finish the first draft of Chapter 1 in my next book, Untitled.

As evening fell and I was walking to my room, in the dark, I heard the loudest frog, which actually scared the crap out of me but also reminded me to surrender to my fears. Along with the frog was the most beautiful creek that created the most peaceful music and was a gentle reminder for me to go with the flow and surrender.

Gift #3
Look Up and Look Around
It seems like many of us move through our days and lives so quickly and almost unconsciously. It’s amazing what there is to see when we stop, look up and look around; the stars, the birds, the flowers, you know, nature. Even in the city, there’s a beautiful sky, buildings, people, art. Beauty is everywhere. If we just slow down long enough to look up and look around.

I was so inspired by not only the beauty around me but the possibility of sharing this experience with the Passion Squared community. My mind is racing and my soul is stirring with possibilities for a Whole Body +  Whole Business Retreat in partnership with Whole Body Method in 2015. If that sounds as awesome to you as it does to me, click here and let me know you are interested. My dream is to have you to discover your own gifts of Calliote Canyon, just like I did. They will live in my heart forever. And for that, I am grateful.

(shared with LOVE from Nina)

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