Let’s Catch Up: Repurposing Content, Healthy Boundaries, Walls, Salon Service Discounting And More

In this episode on the pod, Nina comes to you for a little catch-up after being under the weather this month to celebrate Passion Squared’s 12th birthday, dive into repurposing content, navigating sick days with salon clients, healthy boundaries vs. walls in your salon business, and some things to consider before discounting your salon services when you’re business is slow and you’re not sure why. Thank you so much for listening! Whether you’ve been here since day one or just arrived, thank you for your trust, support, and love. We’re so grateful you’re here. 

Links mentioned in this episode:
Creating Your Awesome Brand Course 

Episode Timestamps

01:52 Celebrating 12 Years of Passion and Gratitude 

03:44 The Importance of Healthy Boundaries and Your Salon Business 

07:44 The Difference Between Healthy Boundaries and Walls

11:28 The Impact of Discounting on Your Salon Brand and Its Value

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