Salon Client Education, Haircare Myths and Lifetime Client Value

In this episode, Nina dives deeper into a post shared last week on the Passion Squared socials that spoke to the Stanley cup memes and folks comparing them to investing in professional salon products. The memes were funny and also created an opportunity to talk about brand value and lifetime client value. The deeper dive in this episode is about understanding the connection between educating your salon clients, and how that can translate into lifetime client value; the amount of joy, happiness, referrals, and revenue your clients bring you over the lifetime of your relationship. Nina shares some perspective and insight from a comment on that post, challenging the idea of recommending ‘non-professional’ product alternatives to clients who do not have the budget for professional products. The truth is, the actual value and differentiation of professional home care products come from you, the pro, the expert behind the bottle, and not always from what’s inside the bottle. Please listen to this with an open heart and mind. And if you have questions, I’d love to hear from you. You can find the original post here, and find us on the socials here and here. Thank you for listening! 



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