Cyber Bullying

Bullying Sucks!

We already know the horrifying stories of kids being bullied at school and have witnessed the tragic consequences.  Now bullying has moved into the social and digital space in a BIG way, thanks to young peoples 24/7 engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and one of the biggest daily activities for teens, texting! This is both a lesson in awareness, how we can do something to help, and in seeing the HUGE shift the future generation has made towards the social and digital web.

While the stats below are disturbing, there are several organizations that are available to help kids hang on through the toughest and darkest of days.  We love Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, Its Gets Better, The Trevor Project, and just to name a few.  We can all help, by creating awareness and stepping up when and where we can to put a STOP to BULLYING, both online and off.

Cyber BullyingCyber BullyingCyber BullyingCyber BullyingCyber BullyingCyber Bullying

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IT GETS BETTER…The Power of Hope

Beginning with one inspiring video, Dan Savage used the web to create the It Gets Better Project–a movement that has generated thousands of uplifting videos that give hope to teens.

We  LOVE this video first because of the message it has of hope to the untold numbers of young people it has and continues to inspire to overcome the burden of bullies and negativity they face every day in being who they are.

We also LOVE this video as another example of the power of the social web to engage, inspire and empower (!!) us personally and professionally.

The social web is changing how we communicate, share and learn – and is leveling the business playing field between individuals, small companies and the mega brands.  For sure, “it gets better” is a message of hope for us all.