you matter

You Matter

“We were created for significance.”

Angela Maiers


you matter

It is amazing how the social web works in making significant connections. A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a client about a situation that happened at their place of business and the importance of helping make people feel significant.

Is Anybody Home?
I was at my clients place of business and noticed a potential new client walk in. Not a single team member acknowledged this person. The woman just stood at the front desk, patiently, grabbed some literature, and just kept waiting. Finally, I excused myself from what I was doing to say hello to this potential new client and answer any questions she had. She was so happy that someone finally noticed she was there.

Have you ever walked into a place of business and not been noticed? Nobody looks up or even says hello? How did it feel? It sucks. And we have all been there.

So after I left,  I jumped on the phone with my client to explain what had happened and we discussed how we could educate and inspire the team to understand the importance of helping everyone who walks through their door feel significant.

Discovering Angela Maiers
Only a few hours after that call, I came across the nicest post on the Passion Squared Facebook page from a beautiful woman named Angela Maiers. She expressed how much she loved the page, that is was “Passion Embodied.”  Well of course, I was thrilled to see feedback such as that, and immediately Googled Angela. My jaw dropped to the floor. I could not believe this incredible woman took the time to notice Passion Squared, then cared enough to share her thoughts on my page. It was like she had been with me earlier in the day and heard the conversation I had with my client. Nothing in my world is a coincidence. This was just another confirmation of that.

Please take some time to experience Angela’s TEDx Talk about the importance of the You Matter message. It is very powerful and a must see for anyone who works with people. So that means all of us.

You see, it does not matter whether you are sharing the message of significance to a group of young people in school or you are acknowledging a client or potential new client as they walk through your door. The message is the same. We all want to feel significant. Something to think about both online and off. Are you listening? Are you paying attention? Do you care?

Angela is the author of The Passion Driven Classroom, a book all about ways to cultivate a thriving and passionate community of learners in the classroom and is a key thought leader in business and education. To learn more about Angela Maiers and her company Maiers Educational Services, click here. You can also follow her on Twitter @AngelaMaiers

A big shout out of thanks to Angela for inspiring me, this post, and for taking the time to engage with my Facebook page. It means the world to me. You matter.

(shared with LOVE from Nina)

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