Online Discourse and Its Impact on Your Salon Brand and The Salon Industry

In this episode, Nina revisits a conversation around our collective loss of perspective as an industry thanks to the algorithms on social media feeding into our fears and insecurities by amplifying the most enraging pieces of content. Remember, your content is your marketing, and what you choose to engage with online has a direct impact on your salon business and brand. And when you choose to engage, you are feeding these ridiculous narratives about our industry and causing harm to your nervous system, mental wellness, and salon business. Nina also shares a few tools to help you stay focused on what matters, and less on what doesn’t. You can find us on the web here, and on the socials here and here. You can listen to the 2024 The Year of Perspective for The Salon Industry here and the Instagram post mentioned here. You are so loved. Thank you so much for listening!

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